wage earner

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The dependent variable was set equal to one if the respondent was self-employed and to zero if a wage earner.
Senior adults, recent college graduates, and family wage earners soon learned the advantages of career planning and JVS earned its reputation for individually tailored counseling and placement services.
Then the majority of people immediately think of the wage earners and blame the greedy capitalists for these "unfortunates.
For nearly every wage earner, income is the source of all financial security; it's why people work," said Lundquist.
Although the net amount of money that a minimum wage earner presently receives is TL 740, for an employer, the cost of social security payments for a minimum wage employee over the age of 18 is TL 1,095.
The remaining principle chapters focus on different dimensions of women's work--as mother and homemaker within the home, as paid wage earner, as wife, and as charity recipient.
The primary wage earner must have a minimum credit score of 550, and the co-borrower must earn 30 percent of the household income.
2% of $5,000--the higher wage earner would save only 1.
Eliminating the capital gains tax, under the guise of helping the wage earner, seems to be the only real agenda Republicans can come up with.
According to the Cato Institute, if the Social Security payments were invested in a conservative portfolio, the average wage earner would have a million dollars at retirement - far more than the worth of their Social Security benefits.
The city's top wage earner continues to be City Manager Mike Sedell, who like the city attorney is ineligible for the raise because their salaries are negotiated separately in winter.
The Fire Department represents 3 percent of the top 250 wage earners, down from 4 percent in 2013.