wage war

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If one would have a friend, then must one also be willing to wage war for him: and in order to wage war, one must be CAPABLE of being an enemy.
But if, after that, the King refuses to accept me as his son-in-law, I will wage war against him, and carry the Princess off by force.
Provided, you repair at once to the town of Lewes, with all the fighting men, your followers, prepared to protect the security of our person, and wage war upon those enemies of England, Simon de Montfort, Gilbert de Clare and their accomplices, who even now are collected to threaten and menace our person and kingdom-
The voice that came from his deep chest was as that of nine or ten thousand men when they are shouting in the thick of a fight, and it put fresh courage into the hearts of the Achaeans to wage war and do battle without ceasing.
These gentlemen wage war on private account, and in buying them up, by granting them what they wished, monsieur le cardinal has made a good bargain.
But, as the years move round and when he is in his prime, the sons of the Eleusinians shall ever wage war and dread strife with one another continually.
At the palaver it developed that the village chief had food, goats, and fowl which he would be glad to dispose of for a proper consideration; but as the consideration would have meant parting with precious rifles and ammunition, or the very clothing from their backs, Usanga began to see that after all it might be forced upon him to wage war to obtain food.
Its gist is simple: Trump is likely to wage war soon on Iran in just the same way that George W.
He wondered how weak the Pakistani army was that it considered books and articles as means to wage war against it.
The former MQM MPA, Shiraz Waheed, who recently joined the Pak Sarzameen Party, with Mobin alias Pakistani, Waqas, Ali Hasan, Danish Saeed and Naeem Shamshad, has been booked for allegedly distributing CDs, which contained speeches and statements of the MQM founder to wage war or attempt or abet to wage war against the country, among the people in Ahsanabad in August 2016.
Rapping the US policy for the region, Maulana Fazl said that the Americans are in habit of talking about negotiations' after they wage war on Muslims.
His letter to the deputy commissioner stated: "During the course of preliminary investigation it was found that the terrorists involved in the attack were trained fidayeens (suicide attackers) backed by the ISI of Pakistan in order to wage war against the government of India.