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WAGES, contract. A compensation given to a hired person for his or her services. As to servants wages, see Chitty, Contr. 171 as to sailors' wages, Abbott on Ship. 473; generally, see 22. Vin. Abr. 406; Bac. Abr. Master, &c., H; Marsh. Ins. 89; 2 Lill. Abr. 677; Peters' Dig. Admiralty, pl. 231, et seq.

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Public sector wages in real terms, excluding public work employees, increased by 10.
The Labour Ministry statement further claimed that reports of revised methodology for calculation of minimum wages by enhancing the units from three to six.
The board is showing bias and preference in favor of abusive employers and capitalists by delaying and changing the pattern of wage increases.
Below is a list of 10 states that have the highest minimum wages; many of them raised their minimum wage last year, and will continue to do so by increments over the next few years.
We sort firms by their median wages to examine how wages and skills are distributed across low-, middle-, and high-wage firms.
Minimum wages in those localities currently range from $9.
2 million establishments over three years, which provides annual estimates of employment levels and average wages for detailed occupations.
Malacanang has defended the P15 wage increase saying that the wage board has been finding a balance between the labor groups and the employers, noting that it is important to keep jobs rather than to increase the wages too high and leave some people unemployed, Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said.
A drop in the minimum wage can bring about a degradation in the situation of low-skill employees, both concerning wages and employment.
But the economic harms that minimum wages impose do not stop advocates of such laws or even give them pause.
Our minimum wage of $8 an hour has languished since 2008.
them to pay wages lower than the otherwise applicable federal minimum to