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In this case study, we utilized a geographical information system (61s) to identify wageworkers and take steps to understand how they experienced life in Victoria, British Columbia, in the early 1890s.
14) Wageworkers who toiled on this frontier were undeniably components in the "desiring machine of capitalism" that eminent geographer Cole Harris described in his essays on the resettlement of British Columbia.
Victoria had more in common with Seattle, where wageworkers lived in high-density rental units close to the downtown core and near the harbour.
Job opportunities abounded for wageworkers drawn to the city at this time.
With the aid of our HGIS, we can place these wageworkers in their habitations and explore their urban environment for the first time.
We begin our survey of urban wageworkers by looking at the industrialized heart of Victoria.
47) Thus, we see a cohort of wageworkers with a median age of 32 years.
But while these dwelling units were small and densely packed, they were regarded as adequate for the needs of wageworkers.
60) Many more wageworkers lived in residential hotels.
Wageworkers in residential hotels enjoyed amenities not found in cabins or tenements, and a measure of autonomy hot found in boarding houses.
It is tempting to imagine that wageworkers formed a sociable community or fraternal culture.
The fact that so many of the wageworkers had come from outside the region indicates the migratory character of this cohort and the tendency of men to be somewhat rootless in their salad days.