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Danton, a waggish 14-year-old Metis, attends a francophone school that includes many cultures--French, Haitian, Somalian--and says they are all so different that "there's no time for racism; we're all too busy just trying to get to know each other.
The fundraiser, "Dog Tales: Waggish Stories With Bite," will include food, people telling dog-related stories, raffles and - no surprise here - doggie bags.
Some things it does may pass for either, And some it does belong to neither: It is so sibbing, slandering, spiteful, In phrase so dainty and delightful; So fond of all it reads and writes, So waggish when the maggot bites: Such spleen, such wickedness, and whim, It must be Woman, and a Brim.
Such performances were very much in demand and cities like London offered a wide array of examples of "baboonizing," a term that Randle Cotgrave, in his A French and English Dictionary (1650), coined in both French and English to describe the use of "apish or foolish tricks, waggish or knavish prankes," in order to "deceive, cozen, [or] gull.
The Red Joke', in Mad Tom's Garland, Composed of Six Excellent Songs: Old Mad Tom of Bedlam; Jack a Lattonis Courtship to a Blythe, Bonny, Scotch Lass; Comical Kate's Answer and Denial to her Waggish Master; The Farmer's Wish for a Good Spring and a Plentifizl Harvest; Sylvids Cruelty to her Kind Lover; The Red Joke ([Newcastle upon Tyne, 1755?
When the price-rise news appeared on the radio this week, a waggish commentator suggested we would all be dashing out this weekend to stock up before the rises come into force and that may be just the reaction the wine trade is hoping for.
Scripture tells us "They all ran away" (Some waggish armchair theologians have described this as the first bishops' conference.
As a waggish merchant said of the Mormons who descend upon Palmyra each summer, "They bring the Ten Commandments and a ten-dollar bill and never break either one.
But in the age of Obama, Black History Month has the potential of being a waggish march from slave house to White House.
And they're off A SILLY but clean text received this week from Tom Lee, waggish son of the more famous and rotund Richard Lee of Le Beau Bai fame: "My wife and kids are leaving me because they say I am obsessed by horse racing.
Already drawing waggish comparisons to The Apprentice, a more suitable comparison for a film this drawn-out and sterile might be Eight Characters In Search Of A Plot.
Whether manifested in the squeaks of the boy actor's changing voice, in puns on waggish "cracks," or in a male character's scripted inability to control his voice, such instances of vocal collapse draw attention to "the precarious, shifting nature of male identity" (39) and, more broadly, to the anxiety surrounding the fluidity of gendered boundaries in early modern England.