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Every once in awhile, one of my colleagues at USC may waggishly ask, "Wouldn't this be a great place if we didn't have to teach?
It's been waggishly observed that Fabians wanted a complete reconfiguration of society without the inconvenience of having lampposts disfigured with the hanging corpses of those who objected.
Film parody is only the most recent manifestation of genre diversification, and has proven to be fertile ground for up-and-coming directors, based on the box-office success of Kim Sangjin's Kick the Moon (2001) and Chang Kyu-song's Funny Movie (2002)--the latter a virtual compendium of intertextual references and in-jokes that waggishly rewards the audience's familiarity with genre conventions.
Raimi has waggishly cast Cliff Robertson in the role--no doubt because Robertson, too, went through a life-altering, science-fiction change in the movies, in Charly, but also perhaps because he was the one who uncovered malfeasance at Columbia Pictures in the late 1970s and so brought down its management.
Waggishly he will inform you that at Pony Club he was "hugely more stylish than Scu", and then tell you that "if I ever read that in the paper I'll kill you".
Moreover the First Nations' (aboriginal) rights filings reportedly cover 115% of Canada, with the speaker waggishly saying that Bill Gates is objecting to annexation of Washington State.
The building that housed the legislature was called the Capitol, not the Parliament; the upper house was the Senate; a creek on Capitol Hill was waggishly named the Tiber, after the river that ran through Rome.
Those qualities are evident in the waggishly titled exhibition, ``Russell Forester: An Authorized Autobiography,'' running through May 24 at Track 16 Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.
The epistle waggishly compares gentlewomen to their lapdogs: "Some of you keepe prettie Cars for
Although Dorp's attorneys worried over Donuts Of Peoria (whose promotional bumperstickers had been reported to be waggishly folded down to |Donutoria') and Donuts Of Astoria (who might someday issue bumperstickers which might then be similarly vandalized), in the end Donutorium was adopted.
We might be inclined to say rather waggishly, in the blank space following the last word.