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Waggishly he will inform you that at Pony Club he was "hugely more stylish than Scu", and then tell you that "if I ever read that in the paper I'll kill you".
Those qualities are evident in the waggishly titled exhibition, ``Russell Forester: An Authorized Autobiography,'' running through May 24 at Track 16 Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.
Despite the omens, the wedding went ahead in May 1950, at Beverly Hills' Church of the Good Shepherd - or Our Lady of the Cadillacs as it was waggishly known.
Far from it: of the 19 works by 15 composers not many are of the 'cow looking over a gate' variety, as someone once waggishly said about Vaughan Williams.
so Fromm" and in the unabashedly sentimental "O Rose von Stamboul"--a pleasant crowd-pleaser, waggishly defended from the podium by Bradshaw.
Corporate sponsor AT&T waggishly touted its support of ``Tristan und Isolde und David (Hockney)'' with national ads in Time magazine.
This year's gems include albums of some 52 unpublished and waggishly illustrated letters written by Burne-Jones to the young Violet Maxse (David Brass Rare Books Inc).
Others, such as Prince's 1984 photograph of a lone horseman mythically framed by snow-covered mountains, waggishly co-opt Madison Avenue cliches of macho lifestyles.