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waggle is a truly connected experience, available wherever dog people congregate," says Roman Garcia, founder of waggle.
In the waggle dance, a bee will beat its wings rapidly and shake its body from side to side as it walks in a single direction along the honeycomb before circling back and starting the dance again.
This cross inhibition curtails the production of waggle dances for, and thus the recruitment of bees to, a competing site.
Granted, the wings of the planes themselves won't waggle, but by employing tiny jets to redirect air over the wing in a way that emulates the motion of waggling, the researchers believe they can achieve major reductions in mid-flight air drag on wings, allowing planes to fly with lower resistance and using less fuel.
Common Loons (Gavia immer), diving ducks (Oxyura, Aythya), grebes (Aechmophorus, Podiceps), and mergansers (Mergus, Lophodytes) all foot waggle (McKinney 1965).
RESEARCHERS at Warwick University are in the process of inventing aircraft wings that waggle.
In the 1990s, he and his coworkers filmed and analyzed the intel that scouts waggle to each other on swarm surfaces.
Wells and Young's is also looking to its honey beer, Waggle Dance, for a sum mer boost.
Waggle is a novel written by golf lover Joe Redden Tigan, for fellow golf lovers and suburbanites everywhere.
Waggle Dance is the unusual beer with the unusual name.
Two booklets are included, containing many photographs of the production, first-hand accounts and colorful anecdotes (the principal flute recalls that Klemperer "didn't really do any beating--he just used to put his hands up and waggle one thumb").
Too often, such geometries have provided flashy architects with the power to waggle themselves about, destroying human scale with blobs and other such snot.