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Back in the day, I even went to watch them at this very venue and clearly remember lead singer Rob Halford flashing his nipple and waggling his tongue at me during one track called Come And Get It.
Him: Never turn on your ignition without first waggling your gear knob.
Raising a booted foot up high and waggling it while flat on one's back would also attract the birds.
The Wii often gets stick over the accuracy of its motion controls, with some games often an exercise in frantic waggling rather than anything meaningful.
It was discovered, essentially, by waggling a piece of wing from side to side in a wind tunnel.
It was discovered, essentially, by waggling a piece of wing from side to side in a wind tunnel," said Dr Duncan Lockerby, from the University of Warwick, who is leading the project.
Playing with a model plane wing in a wind tunnel led researchers at the University of Warwick to a surprising discovery: by waggling a wing, planes could be up to 20 percent more fuel efficient, saving huge costs and significantly reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from air travel.
He knew that foraging bees danced to report flower locations, but these waggling bees looked as if they had picked up soot from a chimney or grit from construction debris.
If the flowers are to the north, she moves north while waggling.
There's certainly a fair amount of joystick waggling, and button pounding here although the programmers have tried to throw in a bit more skill.
Waggling his lush eyebrows, slapping backs, purring hello in his rich, velvet voice, he hits every table in the room.
AP was waggling his elbows like mad with the best part of a circuit to go as he attempted to make all, and it seemed inevitable he would be swallowed up before they even turned into the home straight.