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The unusual sight of a train of wagons caused quite a sensation among these savages; who thronged about the caravan, examining everything minutely, and asking a thousand questions: exhibiting a degree of excitability, and a lively curiosity totally opposite to that apathy with which their race is so often reproached.
The method of encamping generally observed by the captain was as follows: The twenty wagons were disposed in a square, at the distance of thirty-three feet from each other.
Louis legend and an exceptional example of how some of the earliest vehicle makers went about constructing wagons and handling business (Editor's note: For more on Gestring Wagon Co.
Automobile portal(India's largest passenger car maker Maruti Suzuki's much anticipated Wagon R Stingray is seemingly set to hit the roads in coming weeks as the dealerships across the country have started receiving Wagon R Stingray demo cars to their showroom.
Kiruna Wagon said the railcars will be built primarily with high-strength steels and will have a low tare weight to maximize payload.
The routes for which the wagon hours of accumulation will be calculated include:
The wagon trail has significance to the history of the Tallcree.
While briefing the committee, Secretary Railways Sami Khiljee told the Senate body that PR has purchased 175 new passenger wagons from China, while the purchasing of 200 more wagons was under process.
Buick, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), is planning to launch a cargo- friendly wagon version of the Regal.
Alastair Beveridge, joint administrator and partner at Zolfo Cooper, said Wagon had suffered a "liquidity crisis".
The fourth-generation Wagon R features a wider inner space and even higher fuel efficiency.