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She lured the Waif back to the House of Black and White, then extinguished a candle and let Needle do the rest.
A priest of the Many-Faced God in the House of Black and White, The Waif is known for wearing a robe with a hood of black on the right side and white on the left side.
Padilla makes the boy fully human, not just a tragic figure or a typically lovable foreign movie waif.
Perhaps she was trying to recreate her waif look - a reason why The Council of Fashion Designers honoured her at the bash as a fashion icon, with an award presented by David Bowie
Cinders is a frumpy, bespectacled waif, abused by an ugly stepfamily, whose values include incest, promiscuity, and black marketeering.
When Claude, a henna-haired fifteen-year-old who dresses in what can only be called husky sizes, and her blonde waif of a best friend, Ellen (Tara Subkoff), pass the mirror one afternoon, they fall into a mock-sex routine: Claude, in baggy shorts and tee, playing the butch dude, Ellen his/her femmy conquest.
The elfin-like, mini skirt-clad waif was at the heart of London's Swinging 60s.
Dan initially picks up visiting American waif Alice, but a year or so of cohabitational bliss later, he meets and makes a play for Anna.
This is to prove that "you do not have to conform to the waif look to succeed".
love-struck waif half his age who is carrying his child.
The Croydon waif has taken up with the delightfully-named magazine boss Jefferson Hack (inset).
DON'T expect Penny Lancaster to emerge a size-six waif just weeks after becoming a mum.