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Option 3: The waif didn't actually stab Arya, because she was using stage trickery, such as a bag of pig's blood under her shirt.
The type of retail stores located along the waif would be different than the stores found along the town's main street.
Faye Marsay, on the right, appearing as The Waif in epic fantasy programme Game of Thrones alongside main character Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams
And she chose a stunning fulllength gown by Thierry Mugler to make it clear to anyone who hadn't already noticed that she is definitely no size-zero waif.
And we as a society need to make it clear there's more to beauty than being a waif.
She also displayed a good sense of humour and left the waif cheered up and hopeful once more.
Rudnicki goes from the deep rumble of Mansfield to the child's piping of Jane, a waif whose skill at teleportation may be mankind's only hope.
In an early charcoal, Wishing I Had a Twin Sister, 2002, the artist sketched the body of a topless waif model but replaced her face with a delicate portrait of his own.
Suarez made Esmeralda into a more sensual, streetwise heroine; Ponomarenko suggested an outcast waif adrift in a malevolent world.