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Again his piteous wail touched the tender heart strings of the girl.
Then breathe thy wail upon the earth's wailing wind, thou band of melancholy music, made up of every sigh that the human heart, unsatisfied, has uttered
Naked and unarmed, as I was, my end would have been both speedy and horrible at the hands of these cruel creatures had I had time to put my resolve into execution, but at the moment of the shriek each member of the herd turned in the direction from which the sound seemed to come, and at the same instant every particular snake-like hair upon their heads rose stiffly perpendicular as if each had been a sentient organism looking or listening for the source or meaning of the wail.
Prince Andrew ran to the door; the scream ceased and he heard the wail of an infant.
Outside the entrance to this rock heap the guide gave a low wail that sounded like "Lee-ow-ah
Instantly De Vac's iron band clapped over the tiny mouth, but not before a single faint wail had reached the ears of the men above.
Now and again, from the far end, a weird wail was raised.
On the beach, Biddy, who had hushed her grief, lifted it again when she heard Jerry's wail.
An eerie wail floated down from above and the apparition, whatever it might have been, was swallowed by the darkness.
The long-drawn wail of two old boughs rubbing against each other brought out the perspiration in beads on her forehead.
Let us go on," said Benassis; "the wail for the dead has begun, that is the name they give to this part of the funeral rites.
Tarzan almost had arrived at something tangible when a distant wail startled him from his preoccupation into sensibility of the present and the real.