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More than 35 per cent have been waiting for at least 12 months while nine patients have been forced to wait more than two years.
Dante and Virgil encounter a number of souls who slouch at the foot of the mountain of Purgatory, destined to make the climb to heaven but compelled for the time being to wait. How long?
Back in January 2015, there was an average wait time of two years and four months.
Doctors' groups said the increasing waits would mean additional worry to patients at an already stressful time, as they waited to find out if they had a serious condition, with the knock-on effect of the winter crisis as well as a general shortage of staff and resources behind increasing waits.
Experts said a lack of beds and other resources meant A&E staff were unable to admit patients, often those with multiple and complex needs, leaving them facing longer waits in A&E.
We need to accept that waiting plays a part of our daily lives, so we need to wait for God's perfect time, for the right place with the right person to avoid getting hurt over and over again.
"People feel, rightly or wrongly, that if they moan about waiting times they might have to wait longer.
A written correspondence between a wait list applicant and Gymkhana administrators accessed by M AIL T ODAY states: " The waiting period fee, which was earlier fixed at ` 1 lakh, is now raised to ` 7.5 lakh.
As I wait for the green grandeur of luna moth, wings once apprehended then gone out of sight, I will wait for you.
The increase in average waiting time of video packets as the arrival rate of voice packets increase can be explained by the fact that as the arrival rate of voice packets increase, the number of voice packets to be processed in the system also increases and this leads to increase in the average waiting time of video packets since video packets have to wait for voice packets found in the system to be serviced before video packets can get serviced.
The neighbor, former University of Arkansas punter Matt Wait, filed a counterclaim against Burris.