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Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm has given a ``guarantee'' that by December no in-patients will have to wait longer than nine months for treatment.
The 2006 MSPA Wait Time Survey has used mystery shoppers around the United States to quantify the average customer's experience when waiting in line for many of life's everyday activities.
7 percent of the Canadian population had to wait for hospital services last year.
Survey results: Waiting periods ranged from 1 to 12 months; 58% required employees to wait 12 months.
Of patients with long waiting room wait times, 44% of those who spent less than 15 minutes with the physician were dissatisfied with the wait time; 16% of those who spent more than 15 minutes with the physician were dissatisfied, Ms.
Zechariah waits as does Elizabeth; Anna and Simeon wait and see the answer to all their waiting in the child whom Mary and Joseph present in the temple.
I stand at the till and wait and wait until someone notices that there is a queue all the way round the shop and calls for assistance.
INGLEWOOD -- It took four years and a flashy move by Wait a While to give the American Oaks its first American winner.
Of course, in the United States it's tax day, but this year it's also Holy Saturday--you know, that boring day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when we just, well, wait.
For instance, the Canadian Institute for Health Information tells us that the average wait time for hip and knee surgery is six months but CIHI is still trying to figure out why some people wait 21 months and some are treated in less than average time.
How long should I wait to date the guy who dated my friend?
According to annual surveys of Canadian physicians, the median wait for treatment after a referral from a general practitioner jumped by 90 percent between 1993 and 2003--from 9.