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They have also pledged that no one should wait for more than six months for an operation by 2005, falling to three months thereafter.
7 percent of the Canadian population had to wait for hospital services last year.
Under plans offered by RightCHOICE, a member of a fully underwritten group program would not be required to wait for coverage for a preexisting condition, even if he or she did not have 12 months of qualifying coverage from a previous employer.
After coming within a whisker of achieving a maximum 12-month wait for all inpatient operations in March, the number of patients breaching the Welsh Assembly Government target is steadily rising.
Over the last year great progress has been made on reducing the length of time people have to wait for treatment.
Both Antelope Valley Hospital and Lancaster Community Hospitals have taken steps to ease the wait for emergency crews, including opening up more beds, developing triage procedures and having quicker turnaround times for inpatient beds.
The Scottish Health Department say the amount of time a patient has to wait for treatment is much more relevant than the total number of people who are waiting.
If a piece of the Host gets stuck in your teeth, can you poke it with a finger, or do you just wait for it to melt?
It would appear that the Labour government in Wales is more than happy to fast-track English patients but when Welsh patients go outside Wales for treatment they are told they will have to wait for longer.
But the blitz on those who have been waiting 18 months-plus has resulted in a rise in the short-term queues with an overall increase in the wait for treatment, according to official NHS figures.
color) Granada Hills High students wait for school buses to take them home during Tuesday's strike by bus drivers.
Figures released yesterday reveal that the Assembly Government missed its target of a maximum 12-month wait for inpatients by just over 100.