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We cannot wait for empty waiting to end, but we must wait for gestative waiting to come to its own natural end.
From home we wait for a school bus or in the line of UV or Jeepney, wait for the car to move after getting stuck in a traffic jam or wait for the school bell for recess time or for going home.
The long wait for Gymkhana is also blamed on the overcrowding done in the name of " green card holders", who were earlier dependents of primary members and now grown up adults above 21 years.
I will wait for you as cicada wait through winter, their August song harbored in the last thunder clap of the season.
The increase in average waiting time of video packets as the load due to voice packets increase can be explained by the fact that as the load due to voice packets increase, the number of voice packets to be processed in the system also increases and this in turn increases the average waiting time of video packets since video packets have to wait for voice packets found in the system to be serviced before they receive service.
EATING disorder sufferers in England can wait for up to 182 days for mental health treatment, according to new NHS figures.
NSW/ACT chief executive Andrew McKinnon said the wait for an appointment with an ophthalmologist was compounded by the further wait of one to two years for elective surgery.
In purchase situations, customers often need to wait for products and services.
The mean wait for the new patients (referral to operation) was 155.1 ± 121.6 days (median 124.5 days).
Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph and John were living with a promise that nurtured them and enabled them to wait for what or who would come.
So I wait until it is my turn to get on and then when I reachmy destination I ring the bell and wait until the bus stops, but then I have to wait again because the passengers getting on the bus couldn't wait for me to get off it.
1 : to stay in a place looking forward to something that is expected to happen <Denmark's fishermen didn't wait for sunny days to take their boats out .