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In Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 3392 people waited more than four hours and 43 waited more than 12 hours.
The Prime Minister's boasts about waiting times at PMQs will ring more than a little hollow to the 28,702 patients who, when treated in March this year, had waited longer than 18 weeks.
Through many years, as he and his wife grew older and older, as the likelihood of their parenthood became increasingly remote, Abraham waited.
1) In an analysis controlling for a number of factors that may affect fecundity, the odds that women waited more than 12 months to conceive were reduced by about 30% among wine drinkers, and the reduction was about the same whether women reported drinking up to two glasses of wine weekly, between 2.
Last week, Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm announced that no one had waited over 12 months for day- case treatment in Scottish hospitals.
The clinic standard for wait time is 15 minutes, so patients were divided into those who waited in the waiting room for more than 15 minutes (long wait time), and those who waited for less than 15 minutes.
The report notes that on average patients in the high group waited about 31.
Starting in March 1994, patients who were more than 10 minutes late were rescheduled or waited until the next available opening.
I waited seven months before my number came up, and every twinge I felt during that time made me think 'hurry up, hurry up.
The Fraser Institute estimates that 177,000 people in Canada waited for hospital admissions in 1992, a lower number than the 234,000 estimated in a 1991 patient survey by the research organization Statistics Canada.
In addition to wait times, shoppers were asked if the amount of time they waited in line would affect their desire to return to the same location.
The figure is an increase on the October figure of 12,281 and also tops a previous high in August, when 13,147 patients waited 36 weeks or longer.