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These are few instances of waiting we face in our daily lives.
Figures revealed this week showed not a single waiting time target had been hit in Wales since 2010.
A Freedom of Information request by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) found 3,605 Welsh patients were waiting 52 weeks or more for surgical treatment in March 2017.
For example, as I write, we are waiting for the results of the national elections.
The statistics, released by the Welsh Government yesterday, show an extra 1,195 patients waiting for this length of time compared to those in May.
We will abolish Labor's 'waiting list for the waiting list'," she said in March 2011.
over an horizon or Around a bend, waiting like a leaf for wind, Waiting
Since May 2010, 39% more patients are waiting longer than 18 weeks for treatment, the Department of Health admitted.
1% of patients on the region's waiting lists in February.
From the perspective of range theory, which accounts for how people make sensory judgments, we explored whether or not consumer evaluations of waiting time depend on a comparison between the actual waiting time and the expected range of waiting time that is specified in the marketing communication.
At the end of May, 15,900 people were waiting more than six weeks for one of 15 key tests, including MRI, CT and heart scans, ultrasound and colonoscopies - up by 12,400 on May 2010 and a monthly jump of 1,800.