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Of course, my first act was to run into the waiting-room.
In the first place, you've no right in here at all; you ought to be in the waiting-room, because you're a sort of visitor--a guest, in fact--and I shall catch it for this.
Considering the crowded state of the waiting-room and the number of highly important people who were there for the same purpose, Surgeon-Major Thomson seemed to have remarkably little difficulty in procuring the interview he desired.
I was coming out from the news editor's room, turning over my new mission in my mind, when I heard my name called from the waiting-room below.
Luncheon was ready for Sir Jervis Redwood's confidential emissary in the waiting-room.
Only the slow trains stopped at the station and there was so little to do that the station-master and his porter grew flowers on the embankment, and trained creepers over the waiting-room window.
Demanding speech with the prisoner, he was ushered into a kind of waiting-room in which, by reason of his scholastic profession and superior respectability, Mr Squeers had been permitted to pass the day.
Her dress was as plain as an um- brella-cover, and she turned round without a word and preceded me into a waiting-room.
When Lady Bareacres met her in the waiting-room at the opera, she gathered her daughters about her as if they would be contaminated by a touch of Becky, and retreating a step or two, placed herself in front of them, and stared at her little enemy.
The waiting-room of the celebrated Petersburg lawyer was full when Alexey Alexandrovitch entered it.
Crisparkle sat in a waiting-room in the London chief offices of the Haven of Philanthropy, until he could have audience of Mr.