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When Tamoszius and his companions stop for a rest, as perforce they must, now and then, the dancers halt where they are and wait patiently.
It is our pleasure,'' answered John, ``that he do so wait until we learn whether there is not some one who can at least guess at his name and quality.
Your Grace,'' said Waldemar Fitzurse, ``will do less than due honour to the victor, if you compel him to wait till we tell your highness that which we cannot know; at least I can form no guess unless he be one of the good lances who accompanied King Richard to Palestine, and who are now straggling homeward from the Holy Land.
The legions wait A hundred li beyond the western gate; The great walls loom behind them wrapt in cloud.
Thus strong in faith I wait, and long to be One with the pulsings of Eternity.
Micawber by this time, to foresee that he might be expected to recover the blow; but my night's rest was sorely distressed by thoughts of Traddles, and of the curate's daughter, who was one of ten, down in Devonshire, and who was such a dear girl, and who would wait for Traddles (ominous praise
This is despite a Welsh Government target that no patients should wait that long.
The Welsh Government has a target that nobody should wait longer than 36 weeks.
Clwyd West AM and Tory shadow health minister Darren Millar said: "No-one deserves to be put through ridiculously long waits.
The more afraid we are, the more difficult it becomes to wait.
But at LAX, the effect of the waits may be just the opposite.
The enhanced website, part of the government's long-term strategy to improve wait times for health services in Manitoba, now includes: