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To intentionally or voluntarily relinquish a known right or engage in conduct warranting an inference that a right has been surrendered.

For example, an individual is said to waive the right to bring a tort action when he or she renounces the remedy provided by law for such a wrong.


v. to voluntarily give up a right, including not enforcing a term of a contract (such as insisting on payment on an exact date), or knowingly giving up a legal right such as a speedy trial, a jury trial or a hearing on extradition (the transfer to another state's jurisdiction of one accused of a crime in the other state). (See: waiver)

WAIVE. A term applied to a woman as outlaw is applied to a man. A man is an outlaw, a woman is a waive. T. L., Crabb's Tech. Dict. h.t.

TO WAIVE. To abandon or forsake a right.
     2. To waive signifies also to abandon without right; as "if the felon waives, that is, leaves any goods in his flight from those who either pursue him, or are apprehended by him so to do, he forfeits them, whether they be his own goods, or goods stolen by him." Bac. Ab. Forfeiture, B.

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Chief Justice Nisar then enquired about the amount which was waived off.
He was of the view that parliament should legislate laws to prohibit the loan waiving off as people had waived off billion of rupees loans .
3D Life Long Protection Option - In addition to the benefits under Life Long Protection Option, all future premiums are waived upon diagnosis of any of the 34 covered Critical illnesses & the policy continues.
He stated that in Balochistan, the amount of agriculture loans of Rs 2.1 billion were waived or written-off to 14,477 farmers during last ten years, out of which Rs.
Zarate said standards should be followed when a person waived a right.
The majority of POCT systems, defined as medical diagnostics testing that is performed outside of the clinical lab in close proximity to where the patient is receiving care, are classified by CLIA as waived. As defined by CLIA, waived tests are simple, easy-to-run tests with a negligible risk for an incorrect result.
According to a document of Consumer Protection Department of State Bank of Pakistan, as on February 28, 2013, his company Faruki Pulp Mills got waived Rs 19.234 million from United Bank Limited, Rs 9.015 million from Muslim Commercial Bank Limited and Rs 21.
All VAT on Crowded House's charity single, a re-release of 'Help is Coming', is to be waived and profits from the single are to be donated to Save the Children, to support their work with children in Syria and Europe.
CAROLINA PANTHERS -- Waived CB Antoine Cason and LB Jason Williams.
Ratings (load waived) do not reflect any applicable sales charges or 12b-1 fees for Class A shares.
A difficulty can arise where a right has been waived for an event which repeat throughout the project.
The agreement said that, in the event the marriage ended, they each waived their rights to each other's property.