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But research shows that when workers fail to adhere to such basic instructions as following the directions in manufacturers' inserts that accompany waived tests, testing errors can and do occur--and patient care may be impacted.
These rights under the law may be waived and are usually waived expressly.
Probably, people are waiting to see if the charges on the emergency certificate will be waived," said Kumar.
If the person became illegal due to his or her being in jail then the fines will be waived," Major General Al Menhali said.
The minority of courts took the "plan documents" approach, whereby courts refuse to look at the divorce decree or other evidence outside of corporate plan documents in determining whether or not a divorcing spouse waived his or her interest in the employee spouse's pension plan.
Certain conflicts cannot be waived, either because the potentially competing interests are too adverse or for other reasons.
They waived Lamond Murray, Ryan Humphrey, Dawan Robinson and Jawad Williams.
In all events, Madison argued, it could not have waived Bentley's monetary default because the lease contained a non-waiver provision.
It provides that the attorney-client privilege is not waived when privileged information is disclosed to third parties with a community of interest.
Instead, the court found that the phrase "prescribed by law" in the California Constitution meant that the Legislature alone had the power to determine the circumstances under which a jury trial could be waived.
But Pope Benedict XVI announced in May that the wait has been waived for his predecessor, Associated Press reports.
The article also discusses the factors that a court considers when determining whether suspects, subjected to this two-tiered approach, waived their Miranda rights knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily.