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To intentionally or voluntarily relinquish a known right or engage in conduct warranting an inference that a right has been surrendered.

For example, an individual is said to waive the right to bring a tort action when he or she renounces the remedy provided by law for such a wrong.

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v. to voluntarily give up a right, including not enforcing a term of a contract (such as insisting on payment on an exact date), or knowingly giving up a legal right such as a speedy trial, a jury trial or a hearing on extradition (the transfer to another state's jurisdiction of one accused of a crime in the other state). (See: waiver)

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WAIVE. A term applied to a woman as outlaw is applied to a man. A man is an outlaw, a woman is a waive. T. L., Crabb's Tech. Dict. h.t.

TO WAIVE. To abandon or forsake a right.
     2. To waive signifies also to abandon without right; as "if the felon waives, that is, leaves any goods in his flight from those who either pursue him, or are apprehended by him so to do, he forfeits them, whether they be his own goods, or goods stolen by him." Bac. Ab. Forfeiture, B.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In Fox Valley & Vicinity Const Workers Pension Fund v Brown (4) (which originated in the northern district of Illinois), the court determined that La urine Brown was not entitled to her ex-husband James Brown's pension benefits because, in their divorce decree, Laurine waived her interest in James' pension through the following language: "The parties each waive any interest or claim in and to any retirement, pension, profit-sharing and/or annuity plans resulting from the employment of the other party." The court based its decision on the absence of any language regarding waiver in the ERISA statute and that plan administrators are required to investigate the marital history of a participant to determine whether any facts exist that could affect the distribution of plan benefits.
The fifth circuit stated that the only way Liv could effectively waive her right to William's pension benefits was by filing a document with DuPont that was required under ERISA, called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), (6) specifically relinquishing her interest.
A number of fund families will waive their minimum initial investment requirements if you set up an automatic investment plan to have a fixed amount, say $50 or $100, debited from your paycheck or bank account every month.
Many other fund companies offer this service, and some that don't have established plans will agree to waive the minimum if you invest automatically.
In its suit, IBM requested that the documents be returned since it had not intended to waive its right of privilege.
Although IBM was able to prove it did not intend to waive privilege, it was unable to prove it took sufficient precautions to prevent the inadvertent disclosure.
Within hours of being sworn-in as Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel announced to waive off farm loans amounting to Rs 6,100 crore.