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In the wakeful hours of the night there were whispering voices in her which said: "Think of Moody
Crayford still keeps her place by the bedside, too anxious and too wakeful to retire to her own room.
He first complained of having taken cold on November 13 last; he passed a wakeful and feverish night, and remained in bed the next day.
I went to my bed in despair; and through the wakeful night I weakly cursed the fatal evening at the river-side when I had met her for the first time.
married life--when I say my first harsh word, when you make your first hasty reply--then, in the solitude of your own room, in the stillness of the wakeful night, you will think of my first wife's miserable death.
You'd have been a deuced deal more wakeful in the cold, I'll engage.
Most men have learned to read to serve a paltry convenience, as they have learned to cipher in order to keep accounts and not be cheated in trade; but of reading as a noble intellectual exercise they know little or nothing; yet this only is reading, in a high sense, not that which lulls us as a luxury and suffers the nobler faculties to sleep the while, but what we have to stand on tip-toe to read and devote our most alert and wakeful hours to.
When Jones had taken leave of his friend the lieutenant, he endeavoured to close his eyes, but all in vain; his spirits were too lively and wakeful to be lulled to sleep.
Too unslept hath thy seeking made thee, and too wakeful.
Rosa, even when my dear boy was affianced to you, I loved you madly; even when I thought his happiness in having you for his wife was certain, I loved you madly; even when I strove to make him more ardently devoted to you, I loved you madly; even when he gave me the picture of your lovely face so carelessly traduced by him, which I feigned to hang always in my sight for his sake, but worshipped in torment for years, I loved you madly; in the distasteful work of the day, in the wakeful misery of the night, girded by sordid realities, or wandering through Paradises and Hells of visions into which I rushed, carrying your image in my arms, I loved you madly.
I have not been near my bed--I have not once closed my weary wakeful eyes.
Martha,' urged the locksmith, endeavouring to look as wakeful as possible, 'what is it you complain of?