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The game of that is, that they always leave it open with a catch, so that the dog, who's got a bed in here, may walk up and down the passage when he feels wakeful.
Go therfore mighty powers, Terror of Heav'n, though fall'n; intend at home, While here shall be our home, what best may ease The present misery, and render Hell More tollerable; if there be cure or charm To respite or deceive, or slack the pain Of this ill Mansion: intermit no watch Against a wakeful Foe, while I abroad Through all the coasts of dark destruction seek Deliverance for us all: this enterprize None shall partake with me.
Ask yourself, exactly what religion do you believe in and how do you project that same religion in your wakeful moments.
Satinder Dhiman; Business and Buddhism (Routledge, 2015), in which Buddhism is approached as a leadership psychology, and Leadership and Mindful Behavior Action, Wakefulness (Palgrave-McMillan, 2014), in which she provides directives to leaders to adopt a wakeful mindset and abstain from the sleepwalking mode.
Warhol's movie Sleep, 1963, becomes in this context an illustration of the dialogue between the human body and the wakeful camera eye.
We find a surprisingly simple result: normal wakeful states are characterised by the greatest number of possible configurations of interactions between brain networks, representing highest entropy values.
The plan had been to hopefully win today and go to the Wakeful Stakes [Group 2 at Flemington], which is two weeks away, but now we'll probably have to aim her at something else.
Venturing beyond the restrictions of the wakeful mind and physical presence, Jeffries chooses subjects that investigate the complex relationship between people and the natural world.
Before you try it, the Mayo Clinic wants you to consider everything from the possible side effects to the underlying cause of your wakeful nights, such as a medical condition or stress.
Coming back to their apartment two days after the delivery, we braced ourselves for a wakeful first night at home with the baby.
Mr Ngimbu applauded the Zambian soldiers for being wakeful and for pursuing to safeguard the nation.
61 million) Oaks when delivering a dominant performance to land the Group 2 Mumm Wakeful Stakes at a vibrant Flemington Racecourse on Derby Day on Saturday.