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When Jones had taken leave of his friend the lieutenant, he endeavoured to close his eyes, but all in vain; his spirits were too lively and wakeful to be lulled to sleep.
She says that we are very good to her; that her dear old careful boy is tiring himself out, she knows; that my aunt has no sleep, yet is always wakeful, active, and kind.
Having a private object of their own in view, the five wise virgins of Miss Ladd's first class had waited an hour, in wakeful anticipation of the falling asleep of the stranger--and it had ended in this way!
I went to my bed in despair; and through the wakeful night I weakly cursed the fatal evening at the river-side when I had met her for the first time.
If only we could all get together and set up some nocturnal social club to while away the wakeful hours.
Research being done at the University of Wisconsin suggests that your synapses--the places where nerves connect--grow larger and stronger when they receive stimulation during your wakeful periods and then shrink by up to 20 percent overnight, creating room for more growth and learning at night.
T cells taken from sleeping volunteers showed significantly higher levels of integrin activation than T cells taken from wakeful subjects.
Another appealing benefit of this supplement is enhancing the state of wakeful relaxation without worrying about feeling tired and sleepy the day after.
The researchers found that the sleep-deprived patients produce brainwave patterns similar to being wakeful and despite being clinically awake they are not fully awake.
Melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland and circulated throughout the body, operates on a circadian cycle to put the body into a relaxed state at night and a wakeful state toward morning.
We are just about pulled round to British Summer Time now, but it's taken some sleepy days and wakeful nights to get there.
Most under-rested children adjust well to 7pm bedtime and if they are under eight months they respond to a wakeful period not exceeding 2.5 hours before bedtime, between eight and 17 months, 4 hours works well and 18 months onwards five hours of wakefulness before being in bed asleep can have a significantly positive impact on the overnight presentation.