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Description of the procurement: The individual being supported will require 24 hour care including wakened night and sleepovers within a rural area.
With every dream panic pulsed through Naomi's blood until she wakened to see before her Ruth, and food, and the future.
London, Jan 6 ( ANI ): Chelsea and Liverpool played stronger lineups and advanced to the next round of the FA Cup by not committing the mistakes the of fielding wakened sides as done by Manchester United and West Ham .
Dreams wakened now could strike at goal, The world was at our feet.
Thomas Merton/Mary Oliver, Poets of the Sacred: Nov 9-11; directed retreat: Oct 12-14; Spiritual direction 1st wakened of Oct and Nov.
Yet I can recall a Christmas morn a long time ago being wakened from my slumber, shushed into silence, and led sleepy eyed into a darkened kitchen festooned with Christmas decorations.
It's just a case of getting used to being wakened up in the middle of the night again.
Dousing the whole ceremony, But not that wakened pagan sense of things
Having wakened (at) 5am for the Today show and still due at a book-signing, she arrived in flats.
House owner, Robin Webley, said he was wakened by shingle from the cliff above the house falling.
Her mother went to investigate, and on finding the room full of smoke wakened her husband.
In 1992 twenty-eight-year-old Peter was wakened by two females kneeling on this bed?