walk away

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and lingering doubts over the value of homes increasing in value over the course of most homeowners life times are contributing to the increase in mortgage holders who say they will walk away.
However, it seems to be running fine, you decide, as you walk away.
We had to decide whether to walk away or find some other way to get out from under this.
People will say, of course, I won't walk away because of what I earn, but that is nothing to do with it.
As part of the annual Coca-Cola summer promotion and from June 14 to July 24, a purchase of any Coca-Cola company product might find a lucky winner walk away with either one of the coveted tickets or other exciting prizes.
Most people who see something like this close their eyes and walk away, never thinking that they could be the next victim of this guy," Zine said.
But what I hope you really walk away with is a sense that you have in your hands the ability to make a difference.
However, departmental management is fully aware that inmates with community access have opportunities to walk away from community-based halfway house facilities.
This idea makes salespeople uncomfortable; it goes against their training to walk away, or even step back temporarily, from a customer.
These people are not necessarily speculators planning to walk away.
They cause overcharging and result in people filing for bankruptcy, allowing them to walk away from their debts.