walk away

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A driver managed to walk away with minor injuries following this collision in Wilmslow
What then are the types of people who are willing to walk away? First are principled people who will walk away from something if it goes against what they believe in, and they will do it regardless if they have money or not.
The national 'Don't Walk Away' campaign urges all Australians to lobby the Prime Minister to continue to support the 12,000 Western Australians living in remote communities across the State.
All I can say is I am totally prepared to walk away. I did it once before.
Those who scoop positions one, two and three in the walk race will walk away with trophies.
"Do you all want me to walk away and leave Sisu in charge because of what someone from my past is claiming and you've jumped to listen to?
A marque will be set up at Burnhopeside Hall for the event, which could see locals walk away with life-changing amounts of money.
"Whilst I don't have an appetite for the Championship, I won't walk away again at this stage as I still believe that this club can become an established Super League club for many years and I am not giving that vision up after a setback.
Today, my preference is to teach dogs a "Trade" behavior for those instances when the dog already has something in his mouth that I don't want him to have, and "Walk Away," which can be used whether the dog has a forbidden item in his mouth or has just spotted a forbidden item.
But amazingly the driver was able to walk away on Wednesday, say police.
So wouldn't it be lovely for any of us to walk away with almost two million quid in our pockets after losing our jobs?
CHRIS COLEMAN says he will never walk away from Wales after revealing he has been approached about other managerial jobs.