walk off

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As a player, if you see that the officials aren't handling the situation then you are well within your rights to walk off the pitch in my opinion.
The financial strength of the general contractor must be considered as well, as subcontractors walk off jobs when they aren't paid in a timely manner.
Blatter had appeared to suggest that players could use racism as an excuse to walk off during a game if they were losing.
The Liverpool midfielder said: "I wouldn't encourage them to walk off, but if they come to me with a complaint that they've been abused, I'll address it with the referee.
Hart's Manchester City team-mate, Mario Balotelli, recently claimed he would walk off if he suffered racist abuse during Italy's Euro 2012 campaign.
While one distracts the person with a newspaper or map over the screen, the other will press the buttons, wait for the notes to be dispensed, collect the money and walk off.
In it, Lyle expressed his regret over his decision to walk off the course.
Schindewolf drew a leadoff walk off Quakes reliever David Austen (0-1) and advanced to third when Austen threw the ball into center field trying to force Schindewolf on a Jeff Cook sacrifice.
Middlesbrough face conceding their Uefa Cup group match against Villarreal if they walk off the pitch in reaction to racist chanting.
In a remarkable show of leadership, Blatter - the most powerful man in football - has declared that if England had chosen to walk off he would have offered them his full support.