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PERCH, measure. The length of sixteen feet and a half: a pole or rod of that length. Forty perches in length and four in breadth make an acre of land.

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The walleye device's fingerprint sensor software is named as "Pixel Imprint," while the sensor software on the taimen device is named as "Nexus Imprint.
Norman Kay was one of those engineers and whose hobby of building televisions in his home helped bring about the creation of the Walleye.
These loci exhibited diagnostic alleles in native walleye from the upper New River above Claytor Lake (Palmer, 1999).
Our objective was to examine the food habits of juvenile walleye pollock for evidence of an annual cycle and to elucidate how these food habits may vary regionally in relation to previously observed geographic variation in juvenile body condition and growth rate.
Previous walleye scares in the Middle Fork Willamette River system involved a few isolated fish found downstream of Dexter Dam in the early 1990s.
The passage of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement in 1972 facilitated habitat rehabilitation efforts and, coupled with the closure of the walleye fishery from 1970-72, led to improved walleye recruitment and significant increases in walleye numbers (Hatch and others 1987).
In early March, Russian officials detained two Japanese walleye pollack trawlers, one based in Otaru, Hokkaido and the other based in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture, in waters south of Kamchatka.
The area is especially known for its abundance of walleye and northern pike.
Model simulations were performed to examine the effects of alternative prey for walleye on prey and predator recruitment and stability, and to quantify density-dependent responses of both species to changes in their egg mortality rates.
Not unlike the connection I'd had with Rocky Mountain trout streams years earlier, this daily custom of floating the same stretch of river day after day yielded a feeling of familiarity, something close to understanding, regarding river walleye behavior.