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Wallowing is believed to reduce external parasites in several programmed grooming animals including bison (Bison bison), deer (Odocoileus virginianus), and pigs (Sus spp.) (Espmark and Langvatn 1979, McMillan et al.
When the man denied he was wallowing in selfpity, Mr Hamilton replied: "well you're allowed to leave & seek another job - nobody is asking you to stay.
Wallowing is just allowing: that's wallowing without the 'w'.
Wallowing can't make your feelings bigger, in the same way ignoring a problem won't make it smaller.
Entertaining and insightful, Constructive Wallowing provides clear instructions on how to "feel your feelings."
Contract award: copies of the draft cop in the cadastral lipE[degrees] and in the cadastral wallowing in lipE[degrees].
"I've gone through times where you're feeling low and you don't reach out to people and you just keep wallowing in that, and I think that's when things turn into a bigger deal than they need to be," she explained.
Some will rejoice in seeing UNESCO wallowing in a problem of its own making that could have been avoided, but many will suffer.
WACKY pop star Lady Gaga is convinced she will always be lonely - because "wallowing in solitude" is what makes her an artist.
Conversely, wallowing is a nongrazing behavior of bison but not of cattle.
This is the gradual elongation of a hole toward a load over time, a process called wallowing.
Carmen, after wallowing in low self-esteem and confusion, finds herself (literally) in a challenging theatrical production; Bridget is in Turkey learning how much she loves archaeology, and confused about her long-distance relationship with Eric.