wander aimlessly

See: loiter
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The body stood dully for a moment and then slowly started to wander aimlessly about until one of the others seized it by the arm.
It raised its hands and adjusted the collar more comfortably, it took the head between its palms and settled it in place and when it moved around it did not wander aimlessly, but instead its steps were firm and to some purpose.
He had nothing better to do than, taking chance for his guide, to wander aimlessly through the streets of Yokohama.
by Story Farzeen Ashik Just let your mind wander aimlessly after its day of intense concentration.
Meanwhile, lots of pale-faced men wander aimlessly, take inappropriately timed selfies or just panic as their other halves go into labour.
Best of all is the Zombie walK where participants wander aimlessly round shopping malls with blanK looKs on their faces.
Initially the animals may 'star gaze'' intermittently, getting worse as the condition progresses leading to blindness, isolation from the flock and wander aimlessly eventually becoming recumbent and showing seizure activity, especially if stimulated.
This will also save you from engaging in impulse buying as you wander aimlessly through the grocery store aisles, deciding what you need to buy.
Her normal pattern is to go out, chomp down a bunch of grass and wander aimlessly for a while until she is ready to go back in and vomit up the greenery.
burned wings; like a deaf crypt where we wander aimlessly until the
My favourite part of the movie is when Bob and Lyn wander aimlessly in the desert and Lyn ends up revealing his terrible (yet hilariously funny) secret.