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We are wandering, however, into excursive speculations, when our intention was merely to give an idea of the nature of the wilderness which Mr.
This was a wandering individual named Edward Rose, whom he had picked up somewhere on the Missouri - one of those anomalous beings found on the frontier, who seem to have neither kin nor country.
So when Zarathustra thus ascended the mountain, he thought on the way of his many solitary wanderings from youth onwards, and how many mountains and ridges and summits he had already climbed.
If you knew the harassing anxiety that gnaws and wears me when I am wandering in those places--where are those endless places, Mortimer?
She opened the door of the room and went into the corridor, and then she began her wanderings.
He experienced hospitable treatment at the hands of the agents of that company; but his men, heartily tired of wandering in the wilderness, or tempted by other prospects, refused, for the most part, to continue any longer in his service.
A hut green-shadowed among firs, -- A sun that slopes in amber air, -- Lone wandering, my head I bare, While some far thrush the silence stirs.
When the guide pointed out where the Wandering Jew had left his familiar mark upon a wall, I was filled with astonishment.
And Thistle said he would stay and dwell with them; for he was tired of wandering alone, and thought he might live here till Lily-Bell should come, or till he was weary of the kind-hearted bees.
Poor wandering Hetty, with the rounded childish face and the hard, unloving, despairing soul looking out of it--with the narrow heart and narrow thoughts, no room in them for any sorrows but her own, and tasting that sorrow with the more intense bitterness
From dewy dawn to dewy night, And have one with you wandering,"
My wanderings were directed towards the valley of Chamounix.