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"It's the perfect end," said Wane. "I'm not going to put myself in a bad mood thinking about the performance because I don't have to do that any more.
Wane said: "I don't have any self-doubts - and I don't mean that to sound arrogant.
"I think in 12 months you'll see a possible full-back there," Wane said.
One aim of WANE under Dongotey-Padi is to organise and hold an All Africa Widows Alliance Conference by 2015, which African heads of state will be invited to attend and speak at.
"He's got a lot to learn but I'm comfortable putting him in," said Wane.
Wane will now have to make at least two changes for Saturday's clash against Leeds at the DW Stadium with forward Liam Farrell also ruled out through suspension.
magazine co-founder Gloria Steinem, editors Notisha Massaquoi and Njoki Nathani Wane deliver an essay collection that examines the myriad triumphs and challenges of black women in Canada.
1 : to grow smaller or less <His interest in the game was waning.> <The moon wanes.>
Just remember this: "wax left, wane right." This refers to the side in shadow (for northern stargazers).
SPRINT king David Nicholls pulled off another brilliant training feat yesterday when Funfair Wane gave him an unprecedented fourth success in five years in the totesport Ayr Gold Cup.
They kept their former way of life however, hoping that the violence of the revolution might wane. Instead of waning, however, it increased.