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Since this was true, we wanted to be careful not to education our students out of sympathy with agricultural life, so that they would be attracted from the country to the cities, and yield to the temptation of trying to live by their wits.
The more we saw of them, and the more we travelled through the country districts, the more we saw that our efforts were reaching, to only a partial degree, the actual needs of the people whom we wanted to lift up through the medium of the students whom we should education and send out as leaders.
After making a careful examination of the place, it seemed to be just the location that we wanted in order to make our work effective and permanent.
"After that he often came to see me, and when my mouth was healed the other breaker, Job, they called him, went on training me; he was steady and thoughtful, and I soon learned what he wanted."
She became obsessed with the thought that it wanted but a courageous act on her part to make all of her association with people some- thing quite different, and that it was possible by such an act to pass into a new life as one opens a door and goes into a room.
That was not what she wanted but it was so the young man had interpreted her approach to him, and so anxious was she to achieve something else that she made no resistance.
Later when her son David was born, she could not nurse him and did not know whether she wanted him or not.
When the bride saw it she wanted to have it, but the maid would only give it her on condition that she should sleep for the third time by the Prince's door.
And when we wanted more bottles, we went into other saloons where the free drink was flowing, and helped ourselves.
I was scorching up, burning alive internally, in an agony of fire and suffocation, and I wanted air.
"No, no, that's tomorrow; and I particularly wanted to see Knightley today on that very account.Such a dreadful broiling morning!
"Thank you, thank you.This is just what I wanted to be assured of.