war of words

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The contest, for a time, was hot and bloody; at length, as is customary with these two tribes, they paused, and held a long parley, or rather a war of words.
Though he was a stranger, occupying another's pulpit, he had felt this to be his duty, and took for his text the words from St Luke: "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee!" The young man much resented this directness of attack, and in the war of words which followed when they met he did not scruple publicly to insult Mr Clare, without respect for his gray hairs.
But when the other physicians heard of it they arose in great fury and began a war of words, written, printed, and spoken, against Cotton Mather and Doctor Boylston.
With the shrewdness that usually accompanies malice, Amelie Thirion had noticed, analyzed, and mentally commented on the extreme preoccupation of Ginevra's mind, which prevented her from even hearing the bitterly polite war of words of which she was the object.
Thereat arose an angry war of words; Guard railed at guard and blows were like to end it, For none was there to part us, each in turn Suspected, but the guilt brought home to none, From lack of evidence.
In a war of words, the tactics of the North American Indian.
The anointed head dazzles for the time being, but what next?--Why, a war of words; discussions will spring up once more and grow embittered, envenomed.
KARACHI -- Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi on Tuesday regretted the 'war of words' and blame game among Karachi's politicians over the drive to clean the city
There is an escalating war of words with Somalia over the disputed maritime block.
DONALD Trump has dramatically stepped up the war of words over Britain's US ambassador, branding him a "pompous fool".
Summary: California [USA], Mar 15 (ANI): In a war of words after music streaming service Spotify filed a complaint against Apple alleging anti-competitive practices in Europe, the iPhone maker responded saying Spotify is what it is because of Apple.
Islamabad -- The war of words between the opposition and the government continued on Thursday in the Parliament as Pakistan Peoples Party heavyweight Khursheed Shah termed the arrest of Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani a step backwards for democracy in Pakistan.