ward off

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Mumbai [India], September 5 ( ANI ): In a bid to ward off any untoward incident and avail a smooth immersion of the Ganpati idol (Ganpati Visarjan) today, tight security arrangements have been made in Mumbai.
General of the Council of the region, approved a project for the secretariat and municipalities- Ward off the Dangers of Flooding and storm water drainage to the secretariat, municipalities and villages of the value of 200 million riyals.
There's nothing wrong with the occasional treat, but a balanced diet, with plenty of exercise, is the best way to stay in shape and ward off those office-induced pounds
Banking forex managers noted that the messages reflect the policy of CBC to ward off hot money via active intervention in the market.
And since we are the only country in the world that took a decision to cull pigs to prevent swine flu, then we should likewise accept those people's demands to ban oriental dancing to ward off its evils.
The uniforms are laced with silver, which works to ward off bacteria and prevent contamination which can spread through materials such as clothing.
With Americans now living longer and the first wave of the 78 million baby boomers approaching 60, many hope such noggin-builders will ward off memory problems.
Rival Christian general Michel Aoun, who supports Hezbollah, is also having to ward off accusations.
Offering complete, comprehensive, "user friendly", step-by-step, illustrations instructions, anyone can learn how to defend themselves with using a six-inch flashlight to ward off and punish an attacker.
To ward off online threats, conduct regular reviews of your credit card and bank statements.
When the team used a genetic technique to turn off APL2 in mosquitoes not previously exposed to the parasite, the change didn't alter the bugs' capacity to ward off malaria.