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Keary who had favoured Fitzsimmons for the wardenship in anticipation of becoming the deputy.
On 21 December, the day that Charles Hibbert Tupper became Minister of Justice, Fitzsimmons applied for the wardenship.
Their entreaties, however, did not get the wardenship for Fitzsimmons.
Lowe admits that Sparrow could be duplicitous, arrogant and selfish, and is damning about his feckless tenure in the Wardenship.
Harding and the Quiverfuls in the competition for wardenship of Hiram's Hospital or Eleanor Bold in the rivalry of two clergymen for her hand in marriage.
This course of action, meant to bring about a quick and decisive reform, achieves little else than making Harding miserable and entrenching Archdeacon Grantly more deeply into a reactionary position, namely keeping the terms of the wardenship just as they always have been without any possibility of change.
Lord Dacre's extended tenure of the wardenship enabled him gradually to patch up this hole in border defence, even though he could not afford a garrison to plug the gap.
Added to this were principal royal offices such as the Wardenship of the West March and most of the Duchy of Lancaster stewardships in the north.
He dominated Northumberland, where he was the principal landowner and he, or his son, always held the wardenship of the east march.