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Straight gifts were often the most lucrative form of wardship patronage, being, as they were, free from all charges save those connected with the upkeep of the land and provision for the heir.(17) As a result, the holder of such a wardship could count on making a profit off all normal and feudal revenues connected with the estate.
Out of them all, reformers chose wardship as the crucial problem and proposed US citizenship as the cure.
A further 44 young people also due to be discharged from wardship at the same time were not able to be interviewed because they could not be contacted before being discharged (22, 50%) or after they agreed to participate (13, 29.5%); nine young people (20.5%) refused to participate.
(22) Nor were the lands subject to sufficient federal superintendence; rather, ANCSA was intended to avoid a "lengthy wardship or trusteeship." (23) As a result, the Village's ANCSA lands did not qualify as "Indian country," even though the lands were subsequently conveyed to the Village government, and therefore the Village lacked authority to tax a non-Native business operating on those lands.
She has also applied for a forced marriage protection order and a non-molestation order in the UK High Court in London and wardship of her children.
Princess Haya, 45, a wife of 70-year-old United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, has applied for the order, as well as for wardship of their children, and a non-molestation order relating to herself, the High Court heard.
In addition to the forced marriage protection order, the princess has also reportedly asked for the wardship of the couple's two children and a non-molestation order for herself.
The London-based High Court heard on Tuesday that Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, half sister of Jordanian monarch King Abdullah II, has applied for the order, as well as for wardship of their children, and a non-molestation order relating to herself, World News reported.
During a preliminary hearing, the judge allowed the media to report that Princess Haya has applied for wardship of their children, as well as for a non-molestation order, and a forced marriage protection order in relation to the children.
(111) According to Nasmith J in S(D), foster parents can be considered for permanent custodial or adoptive status once the child is made a ward "either temporarily or permanently", although "until the two years have passed or until a permanent wardship order has been made, the possibility of reconciliation with the original family should not be lost sight of." (112)
'We seek not wardship but mutual defense,' he added.
With France on their backs, growing while they had no room to grow, they must remain in helpless wardship, dependent on England, whose aid they would always need; but with the West open before them, their future was their own."