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So there may be a bit of wariness on both sides, but this is a European quarter-final; there's no room for sentimentality.
Passing through, with fear or wariness, en route to someplace else?
Wariness and suspicion are now inbuilt in our national psyche.
ASTORE -- The people of district Astore here on Friday show their grievances and wariness upon illegal cutting of forest wood by unknown persons.
History tells us heartening tales of the cultural exchange that usually follows commodity exchange, so I'm guessing increased international trade will diminish the wariness and distrust on both sides.
There are no good options and many reasons not to intervene in Syria: Assad's powerful allies, the public's aversion to another war, and wariness over an opposition army that includes Islamic extremists.
The release of the taped conversations of Anglo Irish bank executives taking gibes against Germany after having received bailout funds from the European Union, have added credence to German wariness to extend help to countries impacted by the euro crisis.
Investors unloaded the long-term bonds on wariness over further price falls following recent sharp drops, brokers said.
A day after winning European Union approval for a huge bank bailout and breathing space on its deficit programme, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warned Parliament that Spain's future was at stake as it grapples with recession, a bloated deficit and investor wariness of its sovereign debt.
Much of the growing popularity of homeopathic medicines stems from consumers' wariness toward the chemical ingredients of traditional O-T-C remedies, a wariness that has been heightened by widespread product recalls of leading brands in recent years.
Women led the movement to more familialism, a focus on consumption, and a wariness of public life.
Summary: BRUSSELS, July 27, 2010, SPA -- Iceland began talks to join the European Union on Tuesday despite wariness about the costs involved in membership, including giving up its whaling traditions and paying off billions of euros of debts.