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Yes," said Grandfather; "but there was a stern, warlike spirit in them from the beginning.
He was a very warlike man, and the armies, being disgusted with the effeminacy of Alexander, of whom I have already spoken, killed him and elected Maximinus to the throne.
Not badly answered, i'faith," said Gondy, laughing; "but I have, you must know, always had, in spite of my bands, warlike inclinations.
The introduction of firearms has rendered them more successful hunters, but at the same time, more formidable foes; some of them, incorrigibly savage and warlike in their nature, have found the expeditions of the fur traders grand objects of profitable adventure.
Now we have, I believe, our most belligerent president ever, and our peace-loving nation is seen around the world as warlike.
In the joint operation the security force also recovered weapon and other warlike stores.
Mrs May vows that she is a more effectively warlike leader than the man opposing her, who for some humane reason is reluctant to kill the uncivilised louts who are intent upon our destruction and to follow instead the dictum of Winston Churchill in saying that jaw, jaw is better than war, war.
Told in straightforward narrative verse, carefully illustrated with colorful story tale pictures of the settings of the warlike tribe of Boar, the peaceful Village of Bliss, and the vast jungle along Whisper Creek.
Of special note is the exploration of the lust and lovemaking relationships of the Nefilim and the suggestion that we humans have inherited our warlike and love making tendencies from them
He details the impact of the patriarchal warlike Aryan tribes; the early Slavs, their manufacturing emporia, and the fur trade; the beginning and development of the Kyiv-Rus civilization and its neighboring Greek Orthodox city-states; the impact of the Cossacks and Roman Catholicism; the revolt of serfs; war with the Muscovites; and independence and the post-Peter I period.
In a story that feels like a cut-andpaste job of the Star Wars flicks, we meet the cat-like Ratchet who dreams of joining the elite Galactic Rangers to help save his home planet from warlike robots.
Never, this side of Shostakovich, has a side drum seemed so insistently sinister, especially when combined with warlike horns.