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My brakes were a bit warm towards the end when I was behind a few backmarkers, but there wasn't really a problem.
Ranbir also praised Salman Khan and said the superstar has always been warm towards him, and as opposed to the media belief, no cold vibes exist between them.
People generally have been very warm towards the idea of the FAW having its first female representative.
But with hydros, people feel more warm towards them and they probably do stand out from the like of biomass and solar panels.
His answer was Yemen because 'its mountains are like Tora Bora's and the country will embrace me and will be warm towards me'.
Will people still feel so warm towards a hard-nosed Thatcherite Tory?
I watched him concoct a camel tagine in Tangiers and tried to keep an open mind but when he tucked into lumps of humps it made me warm towards vegetarianism
My goal was always to be recognised as a good actor but no one was interested in that, simply because society just wants to warm towards your appearance.
So any perception that you might have that he is not as warm towards India, I think you should just forget it," said Nooyi.
The FA know that, before the disastrous defeat in Russia last month, a string of promising results had seen fans begin to warm towards McClaren.
She came over as passionate and warm towards her family.
The last thing he wants is trouble, especially since Mair has started to warm towards him.