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So please spare a thought for us warm-hearted men living in permafrost too.
SHE might have voiced the more warm-hearted sibling in Disney's hugely successful animation Frozen, but Kristen Bell had something of the ice queen about her at a film premiere this week.
40pm) Warm-hearted transplant specialist Mo (Chizzy Akudolu, left) wants to keep her family secret from Adele, but it's proving tricky.
The warm-hearted show is fully staged and costumed, and comes with dazzling special effects that are no humbug.
Programme producers Acme Films want people who own a restaurant to get in touch to give our curry-loving nation a bumper serving of the realities behind the scenes and provide a warm-hearted look at those who work around the clock for their hungry customers.
THE VERDICT This may come as a shock, but Keira Knightley can more than hold a tune in this warm-hearted rom-com.
Peter's friend, Barrie Hope, described Peter as a generous, warm-hearted man who worked hard in his role as chairman.
He was so warm-hearted and generous, even taking care to praise cutting-edge statistical technology like CompuBox, which impressed me because he is definitely an old-school guy: "They make such a big deal out of judging boxing," he told me.
Autumn-hued color illustrations enhance this warm-hearted holiday storybook, especially recommended for children's library holiday shelves.
Cultivating a close, warm-hearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease.
I got to know him later in his life when he was an assistant coach with the Clippers, and I will always remember him as warm-hearted man who introduced himself to me on one of my first days on the Clipper beat.
a keen student of men and social conditions--a broad-minded, warm-hearted, lovable and very noble American" (2).