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All warmers are standard with glass doors for inventory management.
The warmer used a lithium battery made by a Chinese company, the report said.
Generally it was slightly warmer than usual in most parts of the country especially in Luzon because we're dry in Luzon, Pagasa climatologist Rusy Abastilas said.
News of possible warmer winter conditions have immediately created an impact in prices of natural gas.
Data from the National Climatic Data Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show that, while December of this winter was slightly warmer than December 2011, January's and February's average national temperatures this year were significantly colder than in 2012 (31.
So let us treat you to a pair of free hand warmers, perfect to keep inside your gloves, pockets or even in the car.
Professor Sutton said in the past the length of the cool and warm periods has varied and the current warmer phase might end in a couple of years, but could go on for another decade.
This recall involves holiday-themed tea light candle warmers in the shapes of snowmen and gingerbread houses.
I wore the body warmer a few times but they weren't fooling anybody and it quickly got stuffed to the back of my wardrobe.
Respondents who thought that day was warmer than usual were more concerned about global warming than respondents who thought that day was colder than usual.
Warmer Heating's commercial director Bryan Glendinning said: "Green technology is the future, and we are keen to reflect our commitment to the environment from every last sheet of recycled paper in the office to the photovoltaic panels we'll install on your roof.