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The White House has denied the reality of global warming for so long and has suppressed and censored so many government reports on climate change.
Here I have a clear view of the many animals that are at risk from a warming world.
2 Sub-alpine forests are invading alpine meadows, partly in response to warming temperatures.
The international climate panel concluded that somewhere between 2 and 10 degrees of additional warming is possible in this century, given the projected growth in greenhouse-gas emissions both in countries that are already wealthy and in those, like China and India, where the economy is growing at a blazingly fast pace.
A decrease in summer sea ice north of Alaska in recent decades can't explain the warming measured in Alaska's interior.
The Congressionally mandated "National Assessment of Climate Change and Health," issued in 2001, foresaw greater incidence of heat stroke, malaria, yellow fever and respiratory disease as a result of global warming.
35 degrees Celsius of warming over 200 years and that soot is responsible for another 0.
Jacobson calculates that, taking into account changes in soot over time each ton of soot causes twice as much warming as calculated in previous estimates.
CEOs who perceive global warming as a threat could more rationally support the Murkowski bill, which reduces their costs without damaging the economy.