warmth of feeling

See: ardor
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All their faces were now shining with that latent warmth of feeling Pierre had noticed the day before and had fully understood after his talk with Prince Andrew.
Then, renewing his cautions and advice, he concluded by saying, with a solemnity and warmth of feeling, with which Duncan was deeply touched:
I am ashamed to have been betrayed into this warmth of feeling.
But Ralph looked coldly on; and Arthur Gride, whose bleared eyes gloated only over the outward beauties, and were blind to the spirit which reigned within, evinced--a fantastic kind of warmth certainly, but not exactly that kind of warmth of feeling which the contemplation of virtue usually inspires.
Therefore, observe, simplicity, honesty, warmth of feeling, delicacy of heart and of conduct, self- confidence, magnanimity are laughed at, because the presence of these traits in a man's character often puts him into difficult, cruel or absurd situations, and makes us, the majority who are fairly free as a rule from these peculiarities, feel pleasantly superior.
Since we reopened, the warmth of feeling from the public to their much-loved Everyman - given a daring and brilliant rebirth from Haworth Tompkins.
Pakistan ranks lowest in terms of warmth of feeling in the list of 22 countries.
Dad Alan said: "The messages and outpouring of support from the communities of Denbigh, Caerwys and Wrexham have been incredible, we have been so touched by the warmth of feeling from his many friends.
The family have read as many as they can and have been knocked out by the warmth of feeling for our dad.
There's much more genuine humour and warmth of feeling in his final writings than in the "Hitchslaps", as his verbal smackdowns became known.
The lyrical language may be a mystery but the warmth of feeling is unmistakable.