warning notice

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A PIN is a warning notice to individuals which is sometimes used by police where there are allegations of harassment.
A warning notice will be pasted on the windshield of the offending vehicle for three days, after which the supervisor will notify the cars towing company to take away the cars and be impounded in Al Wathba motor vehicles impound area.
Warning notices were issued demanding urgent action.
Om Prakash Shukla Block Development Officer We removed a warning notice that the villagers had put up near the tree.
PCSO Emma Owen said: "The main access points seem to be at Heol Berwyn and Dolydd Lane, but this shows that the whole area continues to be monitored as a bike was also seized last year and several warning notices were issued throughout the year.
A FAITH school has been given a warning notice from the council amid fears a "serious breakdown" in management could prejudice pupils' performance.
If the landlord issues a warning notice advising that the lease is to be a contracted out of the 1954 Act, the tenant has 14 days in which to decide whether or not to go ahead.
Spangenberg signed a memorandum of agreement at the MBA National Fraud Issues Conference in San Diego in March, which pledges the two organizations will work together to promote the FBI's Mortgage Fraud Warning Notice.
Only 19 out of 898 inspected businesses have received a warning notice, and none have received a second notice.
Property owners could face a $25,000 fine and one year in jail for disturbing just two square feet of paint without giving the occupants a lead warning notice.
The employee must have an opportunity to comment on and sign the warning notice.