warped idea

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Under Govinda's warped idea of parenting, they take to guns and kill people ruthlessly on his bidding.
This warped idea was endorsed by cosmetic surgeon Dr Frederic Brandt.
However, with either fantastic cheek or a warped idea of irony, it told Neil to "stop wasting other people's time and resources".
The problem Brummies and Brits in general have - and this is a point I wish Aktar had made more forcefully - is that we have got used to the warped idea that food should be cheap.
A young girl killed at the roadside takes on the role of a guardian angel but even that becomes a warped idea in Igor's head in which the girl, Olivia, is somehow guiding and approving of his actions.
I had this warped idea that in order to make music you had to take drugs.
Has humankind ever been free from this warped idea of piety?
People in the advertising industry have this warped idea that such things are ``entertaining.
Some spammers have this warped idea that their freedom of speech is guaranteed all the way into my hard drive, but it is my firm belief that their rights end at my firewall.
As a dad, he also fears they give his daughter a warped idea of what sports are all about.
There is a possibility that he had some warped idea of making an escape and living on survival skills learned in the Army.