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The knowledge account of assertion provides a powerful argument for contextualism: If the standards for when one is in a position to warrantedly assert that P are the same as those that constitute a truth condition for "I know that P," then if the former vary with context, so do the latter.
Patterson might claim that he has an appraisal/commendation, deflationist account of legal truth that commends legal propositions as true when they are warrantedly assertible but does not have a warranted-assertibility theory of legal truth simpliciter.
Could we warrantedly rule that birch trees grown in conditions of acid rain and birches grown in normal circumstances are but variant forms of birches and not distinct natural kinds in their own separate right?
Q, we recall, is any proposition for which x can acquire warrant at t only by competent intellection, and therefore admissible substituends for "Q" include all those propositions which encode new information for x at t, and which, because of the facts of x's life and the contents of those propositions, can only be accepted by x warrantedly if he reasons competently.
If we can show that there is, anywhere, anybody who warrantedly believes any proposition of an appropriate sort, then that demonstration would complete the job on either interpretation.
n], Given the constraint imposed by the assumed internalist conception of justification, it follows that S must know (or at least warrantedly suppose) that his meta-beliefs are in fact congruous with [B.
Both may affirm that one understands a fragment of a language when one has learned under what conditions the statements in that, fragment are warrantedly as-sertible, that is, they are properly utterable.
To understand a statement is to know under what, circumstances that statement is warrantedly assertible.