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WARRANTEE. One to whom a warranty is made. Touchst. 181.

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Spring Air said it was able to provide its consumers with greater warrantee protection because of its "confidence" in the improved quality of all its products, including it new "Power Coil," a specially designed innerspring that is exclusive to the company and the first to be designed solely for one-sided mattresses.
Daphne bought the sofa from Harveys in Pontypridd two years ago and insured it for five years for pounds 50 with Home Serve Warrantees.
When Home Serve Warrantees of Weston-Super-Mare refused to fix the sofa Daphne decided to call in The Ferret.
All warrantees extended by the former House of Blinds and More will be honored," stated Kotwicki.
IBM makes no representations or warrantees regarding non-IBM products.
The site can also arrange value-added services ranging from equipment inspection, refurbishment, import/export logistics, financing, aftermarket warrantees, delivery and installation.
In addition, they'll be able to extend their warrantees and acquire new services, such as getting recipes or controlling energy usage, on-line.
While many sites claim ease-of-use, most lack the technical customer support, money back guarantees and full warrantees our products carry.
The new SMC, now fully operational, localized its marketing and sales efforts and gave each regional office autonomy over what products are designed and produced, at what price point, and under what warrantees, and support.
NetLabs/AssetManager supports HP OpenView, IBM NetView 6000 and SunNet Manager, and allows network managers to easily and efficiently track network resources and maintain updated records reflecting the network configuration, purchasing information, maintenance schedules, warrantees, and other related service and support information.