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WARRANTOR. One who makes a warranty. Touchst, 181.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In 1993, the province of Ontario changed its rules to require tax to be paid, not just when the contract was purchased, but also on the cost of repairs or replacements performed or provided in fulfilling a warrantor's obligations under the contract.
As an added bonus to the provincial treasury, where the repair shop is billing the warrantor for the cost of parts taken out of the repair shop's own inventory, it is the repair shop's cost that must be charged to the warrantor.
If the repairer fails to collect Ontario retail sales tax (ORST) on the invoice, the warrantor should self-assess and remit the tax due on the invoice on line 3 ("tax on purchases for own use") of its Ontario retail sales tax return.
The focus on duration is useful because it more closely resembles the choices that warrantors actually make, and because these choices are not isomorphic to models where warranties are a payment which varies by amount rather than duration of coverage.
The Commission is not now convinced that any guidelines which it set out could ensure sufficient protection for consumers against warrantors, even if the Congressional report had not made clear, as it did, that it wished for such mechanisms to not be binding.[24]
While the agency commentary accompanying the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act regulations observes that a warrantor may offer consumers the option of binding arbitration, once a dispute has arisen,[25] the regulations prohibit warrantors from mandating binding arbitration prior to the occurrence of the dispute.[26]
The second obstacle is where the warrantor comes in.
Fred Schaufeld, president of NEW Inc., said high-tech equipment requires more customer service and he sees warrantors playing a greater role in answering consumers' daily questions, as well as handling problems with installation and perceived product failures.