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The Report 'Rape Myths in Wartime Sexual Violence Trials - Transferring the Burden from Survivor to Perpetrator', developed within the framework of a project implemented by Trial International with the support of the Government of Great Britain, carefully analyzes court practices in trials for wartime rape across BiH and presents gender-based prejudices that permeate the cases of wartime rape in BiH.
In chapter 7, he gamely deflates the myth of a lack of defiance to state mobilization by analyzing five types of popular resistance found in wartime diaries.
As a nation its important that we reflect on our wartime experiences and understand how they have shaped modern Australia.
The defense of economy at macro, mezzo and micro levels explore defense and security, military and economic capacity of the State, mobilization preparation of the country economy, execution of military duties and services, building military cooperation, economic basis of wartime and armed conflicts, as well as security, wars and relationships between economic interests [6],
Alongside people's memories there are unique old photographs as well as wartime memorabilia - identity cards, ration books, propaganda posters and public information leaflets.
The Americans in Wartime Museum is a not-for-profit cultural and educational institution dedicated to honoring those who have served in all branches of the United States military and on the home front, from World War I to the present.
quipped one person on an internet chat board, addressing the premier by a familiar diminutive, and referring to another wartime propaganda campaign.
Fauser opens Sounds of War not in 1939 but in 2009, with the performances of Aaron Copland's wartime music that took place in Washington, D.
wThe Railways in Wartime weekend at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway
This year's Wartime Weekend event was especially poignant as it marked the centenary of World War I.
The three-member task force, which is under the Ministry's Northeast Asian affairs bureau, will conduct in-depth and systematic research on Tokyo's wartime sexual enslavement of Korean women and will assist the existing office specially dealing with Japanese issues.
Taking place on July 19 and 20, the 26-acre museum will be bringing Home Front history to life with wartime entertainment, food and fashion.