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They kept at a wary distance, but made friendly signs.
Too wary and distrustful to rely, in circumstances of so much doubt, on the discretion of any less firm and crafty than himself, the Dahcotah bade his companions remain where they lay, and pursued the adventure alone.
Here he lost sight of the hazards by which he had gained access to his dangerous position; and the watchfulness of the wary and long practised warrior was momentarily forgotten in the exultation of the savage.
"Freely then, and plainly," said the physician, still busy with his plants, but keeping a wary eye on Mr.
And so he did not see or scent what a more wary Numa might readily have discovered until, with the cracking of twigs and a tumbling of earth, he was precipitated into a cunningly devised pit that the wily Wamabos had excavated for just this purpose in the center of the game trail.
Tranter, cunning and wary from years of fighting, knew that his chance had come.
The government of the United States began to view with a wary eye the growing influence thus acquired by combinations of foreigners, over the aboriginal tribes inhabiting its territories, and endeavored to counteract it.
His tail shot suddenly erect and at the same instant the wary ape-man, knowing all too well what the signal portended, grasped the remainder of the deer's hind quarter between his teeth and leaped into a nearby tree as Numa charged him with all the speed and a sufficient semblance of the weight of an express train.
He was always keyed up, alert for attack, wary of being attacked, with an eye for sudden and unexpected missiles, prepared to act precipitately and coolly, to leap in with a flash of teeth, or to leap away with a menacing snarl.
"They are other clouds and blacker threat you, dame; You must be wary, and pull in your sails, And yield unto the weather of the tempest.
Cody Cooke reckons Saints have to be wary of Edinburgh City tonight.
Prospective applicants have been warned to be wary of fraudsters who may want to rip them off by offering non-existent vacancies at the State House Clinic.

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