wash away

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Officials fear storms could also wash away many of the chicks that nest there.
Wash Away Quick Lube has advertised in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and may eventually advertise on the radio.
Soap bubbles help wash away disease-causing bacteria (single-celled organisms) and other germs.
2] acts like a solvent to wash away the oil, is similar to the method of decaffeinating coffee.
Dylon Grade E-1626 is a combination of builders, detergents, anionic and non-ionic surfactants and penetrants that safely and completely loosen and wash away oils, waxes, silicon and sludgesk.
Ultramarine waves fold over round river rocks smooth as a newborn's cheek where each night slips as the day into infinity manana no time some time forget the time clock watch God's time manana waves wash the rocks push pull push pull as rain on a thousand leaves warm water from the showerhead washes grime from the streets down the drain from plump peachy legs washes it away away away Wash away the stink of the barrio, carniceria, Pollo Rey.
One severe storm event can cause unprotected roads to wash away in a matter of a few hours, sometimes less.