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Reduces wash down time to a typical one-minute cycle, eliminating mixers being stacked three- to four-deep at a rack.
The touch screen functions and overall PC operations remain unaffected by the direct, high-pressure wash down giving testimony to the unrelenting nature of this industrial computer.
Wash and clean the glass and frame inside, sweep away debris and wash down staging, which will help prevent problems from pests and diseases over the winter.
Instead, grab a duster, switch on the Hoover, wash down the woodwork and change the bed.
KEY SPECS: All In-Sight vision sensors have an IP67 (NEMA 4) rating to withstand dust and wash down without an accessory enclosure.
Corus Northern Engineering Services has invested in a new vehicles wash down facility at Lackenby.
The CA-CEM's companion piece is the CA-CES stainless steel wash down model.
The cherished cognac was spotted by Miami immediately, and he imbibed enough to wash down lunch.
``You wash down the car, or the front door step, or any food preparation surfaces.
The checkweighing scale in many weighing applications usually represents a trade off: all-stainless wash down scale with poor readability or a non-wash down scale with a high readability.
The North Bay company has developed a number of products designed to offer protection against contamination, including a tent-like shelter, which can be used as a contamination control centre or a hospital, as well as a mobile decontamination trailer, which can be used to wash down and decontaminate objects exposed to dangerous substances.
Eroded sediments that wash down rivers and out to sea can block out sunlight, interfere with corals' feeding, and introduce pathogens to reef communities (SN: 1/30/99, p.