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Since the clothes don't directly touch the pulsator or rub against each other, they are washed clean without being damaged.
Having the deceased's body washed is obligatory in Islam.
In the 2003 study (American Society for Microbiology) it was observed that 83% of women washed their hands after using the restroom, whereas only 74% of the men did so.
Hassle Free Wash, One Touch Operation, Power Failure Resumption, Delay Start-up, Child Safety Lock and Tub Clean Option which will revolutionize the way clothes are being washed in households today.
2 : to wet completely with liquid <The flowers were washed with raindrops.
Director lain Mcarthur said: "The need to provide customers in the food and meat processing sectors, pharmaceutical, healthcare and even general logistic sectors with thoroughly washed and sterilised products has been increasing over the years.
The washed leaves were then dried, placed into bags made from special oxygen-permeable films, and stored at 41[degrees] F.
The girls, cousins age 11 and 16, clung together as they washed down the concrete-lined channel and grabbed a rescue ring flung to them by a fire engine crew that had raced to the last spot before the freeway culvert, a fire official said.
Multiple uses will create a buildup of emollients that should be washed off with soap and water.
Beyond the symbolism and instruction, and the fact that actually having our feet washed can make us uncomfortable (as any pastor who has tried to newly institute a foot-washing ceremony knows), the scene is itself great.